Soft Awakening

I woke to the hushed whispers of love this morning. During the night, while I slept the dreamless, troubled slumber that finally comes when the body gives in to stress, my baby sister reached out on social media, setting up a Go Fund Me account to assist with my efforts to be with my son, who lives in another state and is struggling with severe health issues. Armed with a mug of coffee, I opened my laptop to find it quietly singing with hope. I felt a warm swirl of support as I scrolled through comments and shares.

Go Fund Me is a site designed to set up accounts for those grappling with the financial burden of illness, loss of jobs and homes, and other circumstances that require emergency funding. While it is meant for monetary support, there is no denying the spiritual sustenance embedded in this endeavor. It is much more than the donations; it is the heartfelt comments, the shares, the genuine concern popping up in my feed from friends and family and, the most glorious treasure, from many I have never met.

To say “thank you” can in no way encompass what I’m feeling. So, for now, I will simply ride with the music and pray. Namaste



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