Falling Off the Path

Early in our lives, we choose a path to follow that we feel will lead us to our destiny. When we get derailed from that path, as we often will, we struggle to get back on that same path again.
But what if, instead of spending countless hours looking for the trail of breadcrumbs to lead us back to the familiar roadway, we simply relax and wander into uncharted territory?
If we only follow one trail, we will never know what lies on all the others. One of those may take us to places we never imagined. Or it could, in fact, be yet another byway to our original destination.
Life is too short to enjoy the scenery from only one vantage point. Hop out of that car and ride the rails for awhile. Take a chance and see where it will lead you. If you don’t like it, you can always catch the next flight home.


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