Morning Musings

Sipping my coffee in that quiet slot of the morning just before the sun comes up, pondering on the business of living our lives, of moving forward. How blessedly peaceful it would be if we could simply burrow into the safety of familiarity, never having to experience that pit-of-your-stomach lurch of uncertainty. But then I remind myself to look past that gut-clenching moment, to the other side of fear, because what we always seem to forget is the subtle transition into wonder as our blood begins to whoosh wildly through our veins as we discover new scenery and take that exhilarating first breath of fresh air. This is life as it is meant to be lived; not sitting in the same spot, safe and cozy, sheltered from the rest of the world. Once we cross over into new experiences, once we push the timid tremors aside, this is when we begin again. Yes, I’m afraid; I’m afraid every day. But the thing that scares me the most is the thought of waking up one morning wrapped in blankets of false security and wondering “what if.” This is how we grow.
So, I will start, I may fall down, I will probably whimper quite a bit, but I will keep going


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