I Am Not Becoming, I Simply Am

To all of those who are so focused on becoming-becoming an artist, a writer, a teacher, a musician, whatever your bliss may be-that they fail to recognize that they already ARE.

We are all creative souls, in one form or another, but many of us are unable to acknowledge, and therefore unlock, the freedom required to express our creativity. It took me a long to figure this out, until I realized that my stumbling block was very simple; my definition of an artist and a writer was bound up in my comparison of other’s talents with my own. Once I accepted the truth, that my end product would not be a mirror image of the ones created by those that I admire, I was able to re-write my own definition.

A creative soul is not one who is able to mimic someone else’s vision; instead, it is the person who embraces and explores their own unique brand and shares it honestly with the universe.

Every day I remind myself that I am not becoming an artist and writer. I AM an artist and writer. And so it is.


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